“Advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century.”
Marshall McLuhan (1976), Canadian social scientist

Zecernia. We are an Advertising Agency that specializes in promoting newly founded companies, their products and services. We use all accessible promotional formats: starting from newspapers and magazines, through radio, TV, the Internet, or highway billboards, to special events, including musical concerts.

Our Agency employs high caliber artistic experts: stylists, photographers, camera operators, graphic artists and painters, composers, musicians, actors, writers and journalists. All of them are there to work for you. Our fees are reasonable and we can always adjust the promotional campaign costs to your available budget. We are hip and up-to-date and yet we can always adjust to the particular target group language and expectations. We do not have any barriers or restrictions. We feel comfortable at home with the seniors and at a hip-hop concert.

You are encouraged to get acquainted with what we have done, meet our clients and the people working for us.